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Louis A. Lara

Founder and director of design Louis A. Lara is recognized for the unique sculptural quality he brings to his work. He has been designing award winning projects for manufacturers as well as private individuals since 1986. Projects have included residential and contract furniture, seating, lighting, housewares, graphics and general product design and development. His designs are included in the permanent collections of design museums and have been published in innumerable design and trade publications as well as the world's most prestigious design anthologies. Licensed designs are sold around the globe. They have appeared in dozens of major motion pictures as well as on the sets of today's most popular TV programs.

"I compose relationships, striving for visual stillness and harmony that trascend the folies of fashion and trend. All objects, regardless of size or purpose, are compositions of form and space, and the manner in which these elements are balanced determines their visual harmony or dissonance. The more harmonious the composition, the more inherently beautiful and timeless is the object."