Julio Cartaya

Julio Cartaya

Julio's passion for furniture design helped him achieve his goal of coming to the United States from Cuba in 2006. Once here he obtained his Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Design. While in school, he continued to design furniture and brought his designs to life by creating each prototype by hand and using an array of materials including fiberglass, leather, wood, carbon fiber and others.

In his time in the United States, Cartaya has been fortunate enough to exhibit his furniture in Art Basel 2012 at the “Poltrona Frau Group Miami”, as well as other small galleries in the city. This has helped him create a name for himself and his designs and he is forever grateful to those who have believed in him and his work.

Clients who approach Cartaya are looking for something unique and different; a piece of art that also serves a purpose and has a function.

Each of Cartaya's pieces are an original design made from the finest materials with exceptional craftsmanship. "From pencil to the final polish, I am the one who brings these designs to life. Having others love them the way I do is the greatest compliment."